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Date: Friday, April 19, 2013 - 7:35 pm

Hello Q!
It's been a few months again, but worth the wait. I think, this is the first
piece, we find finished in only a few minutes. OK, the second of yours, not
forgetting Laetoli.
But my god, this definitely sounds like a LOT of multitracking. If my ears
don't decide me, the drum section also required some multitracking as well. I
only hope, that the torso op in question was on the synth in question.
I like the dark mood of it. Yet I have to admit, that to follow all the
rhythmic complexities, will take a few more listenings. I do like the contrast
between the clear opening and reprise and the sometimes very layered rhythmic
elements of the other parts. It gives my ears time to rest in between and then
pick up and hurry along. :-)
I'm not quite sure, which bit is my favourite in this tune. The woodwind
section certainly takes a run for first place. Pitty, that it was so short.
The bit directly following the woodwind section is also up close for my
personal winner. I like the very woody, compressed sounding bass. The third
moment with a chance for best moment is the beginning itself. The brass in
combination with the rest of the arrangement really carries it of. It sounds
impressive, if not actually bombastic.
Only the very last movement, where you run up to the last climax seems a
little too complex for its own good. It all works out perfectly, of course,
but it definitely borders on the chaotic or random in the drums and
Drums and percussion is the right keyword: you did something new to them.
You've changed mixing/processing technique, if I'm not mistaken. The overall
impression sounds even more 70s now. Especially the snare has changed, in my
ears improved. The whole kit seems more transparent. It has bite, but no boom,
wood but no mud. Overall the whole mix isvery transparent. Partly the
instrumentation I assume, but this can only account for so much. And from my
own first experiences I know, how laboreous mixing and processing somany
single tracks can be, especially, when you need to fit them into ensemble
groups again afterwards. :-)
The reverb is applied very subtlely. A touch more wouldn't have heard my
ears. Yes, the transparency would have suffered a little, but the current mix
could afford that, methinks.
All inall: splendid piece. Keep them coming. Goblin'ish or otherwise. :-)
Kindly yours

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