[LAU] [Music] Horror prog: Spiral Torso Op

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From: Q <lists@...>
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Date: Friday, April 19, 2013 - 6:48 pm


I got a new synth in December and thought I'd do a short piece to get to
grips with it and put it through its paces. You can find it here:

FLAC (36.7 MB): www.quirq.ukfsn.org/Quirq_Spiral-Torso-Op.flac

OGG (14.9 MB): www.quirq.ukfsn.org/Quirq_Spiral-Torso-Op.ogg

MP3 (12.6 MB): www.quirq.ukfsn.org/Quirq_Spiral-Torso-Op.mp3

I set myself the limitation that it would be the only synth/keyboard
instrument used (wot, no Mellotron?!), so everything other than drums,
percussion, acoustic 12-string and electric 6- and 12-string is just
this one synth. It was also the first outing for my electric 12-string,
which came out nicely.

It was an interesting challenge, especially trying to wrangle a range of
sounds out of the synth, as it is non-programmable and monophonic, so a
huge amount of multi-tracking and layering was needed.

The piece has turned out a completely different way to what I was
expecting before I set out, ending up with a bit of a Goblin horror
soundtrack vibe, so I gave it an appropriate (and also slightly topical)

Recorded, mixed and mastered in Ardour 3.


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