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To: Brent Busby <brent@...>
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Date: Thursday, April 18, 2013 - 3:25 pm

On 04/18/2013 02:14 PM, Brent Busby wrote:

You will probably have to compromise.

A piano do also span over several octaves, but you often still have to
carve and compromise. You have to give the instruments space and
probably even your keyboard part, but that don't mean that your keyboard
part is lost. This is a good starter for your keyboard part:

1. Remove as much bottom as possible with an HPF filter (12-18 dB), just
turn the HPF up until you hear it bites, then go just a little bit back.

2. When you mix the key part with the rest of the mix, try to find a
sweet spot (a frequency) where your keyboard sounds extra good. Than it
will not hurt to much if you need to cut something.

You can also try to use a tape saturation plugin. That way, the need of
carving will be reduced because tape saturation tends to blend the
instruments together.


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