Re: [LAU] Setting up and using E-Mu 1212m (emu10k1) soundcard

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To: Len Ovens <len@...>
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Date: Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - 7:04 am

Hello Len!
This really sounds like a beast. I can currently only test the analogue I/O
really. I suppose I can try to find out, if the S/PDIF in works, because I
connected it to the Delta's S/PDIF out to send the clock.
Question: do I have to set anything special on the delta 1010 to make sure,
that clock data is passed to S/PDIF out?
As for those 16 ins and 16 outs mentioned, I thought they were purely part
of the internal mixer BUS_2 system. there was something mentioned about SBlive
cards with 5.1 surround taking up two channels.
But you suppose, that to check all 8 ADAT ins, I first have to get my
analogue to ADAT converter? It sounds strange, but possible.
Thanks for a start.
Warm regards

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