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Date: Monday, April 15, 2013 - 10:42 pm


In my work as Front of House sound engineer I am searching for a good
set to tools to run an audio crossover all in linux, I would like to
hear from your experience in that field and will be glad to hear
comments for this attempt.

Heres is my approach:

For a flexible crossover do you need: crossover filters, delay for
outputs (to align components), multiple zone handling, filters for EQ,
allpass filters to deal with phase, limiters to protect the speakers.

Here are some suggest apps :

Crossover Filters
zita-lrx (Fons Adriaensen) Command line crossover with Linkwitz–Riley
and Butterworth filters, gain and delay for each band, up to 16 chanels,
but you can run various instances to make complex zones.

You can make your own standalone filters with FAUST, online examples
include second order bandpass, lowcut.
Bandpass filters of LADSPA in JackRack

Allpass filters:
4x4 pole allpass filter, In conjunction with JackRack can be used to fix
Phase response.

zita-dpl1 (Fons Adriaensen) Look-ahead digital peak limiter.

My goal is to finish this post:

Thanks in advance,

Federico Lopez

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