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Date: Saturday, April 13, 2013 - 2:26 pm

On Sat, April 13, 2013 6:38 am, wrote:

Are you using the same jackd(bus) latency setting for both cases? Are you
letting ardour start jack or are you using something else? In any case you
will need jack to run at 128frames/period or less. (probably 64) Ardour
starts jack at 1024 by default if I remember correctly... so does qjackctl
for that matter.

> 1) At Arodur3 install time there was some option about monitoring and

Monitoring can be turned on or off in ardour. Off is preferred because
that means you are taking care of monitoring in hardware :) On means
Ardour sets up monitoring channels, but in this case you are doing that
manually anyway.

> 2) Is this now a direct consequence of not using any low-latency

Direct no. The kernel will determine the lowest usable latency you can
use, but the way jack is started determines what latency jack is (trying
to be) using. If you can't get jack to run at the needed latency without
xruns then a change in kernel may help. Other settings in bios and HW wise
may help too.

Finally, there is a matter of processing power. The more effects you use
the higher the latency needs to be to support them. I have an older
machine and so I try to track without internal eq/effects. I add effects
for mixdown at a higher latency. I do have an external mixer (Mackie 1604)
and some external reverbs and stuff I can use for monitoring, but I have
been tracking dry so far. Effects for tracking monitoring do not have to
be super quality, just good enough to keep the talent in the right frame
of mind. Some talent needs it and some don't.


Len Ovens

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