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Date: Saturday, April 13, 2013 - 1:38 pm


With Fedora 15/CCRMA and Ardour 2.x shipped with it, I used to
monitor a track (including EQ and effects) by adding an external send to
an unused playback(s) of the 1010LT. The 1010LT itself was set for
digital mix. When I do this with Ardour3, there's a quite noticeable
delay in the monitoring which prevents it from being useful at all. The
'send1 out' are associated with playbacks 7 and 8 in the main routing
diagram. And so...

1) At Arodur3 install time there was some option about monitoring and
I've chosen 'something' which could have been the default. I will
install 3.1.10 soon, so I can redo this step if needed.

2) Is this now a direct consequence of not using any low-latency
kernel ?

Thanks for any comments/suggestions - much appreciated as always.


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