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Date: Sunday, March 31, 2013 - 1:57 pm

Le 31-03-2013 08:44, Kaj Ailomaa a écrit :

> I would bet you are using the same device with pulseaudio. Pulseaudio

Installed is 1:2.1-0ubuntu4. Just checked for updates, and no updates
for pulseaudio, yet, in Linux Mint.

> First of all, in a clean session, make sure pulseaudio is not using

That was the case: I listened to some youtube videos using firefox
prior to starting jacks. After reboot, jackd worked, naturally.

> Once jack is started, you can have pulseaudio connect to jack (if you

If this means that it is possible to use 'regular' audio via jack, then
it seems useful. I presume then the devices (firefox, mplayer, etc...)
will not be seen in qjackctl's connections eg. it won't be possible to
use their input separately to route them.

> If you don't want pulseaudio connect to jack, you should probably

> Set pulseaudio to use another device than what you want jack to use

That was it. I used pavucontrol to set the in/out device to the 1010LT
a few weeks ago. But then, if I set it back to the mobo's audio, I'd
have to get hardware to listen from the mobo audio outputs, instead of
using the Maudio monitors via the 1010LT. So it seems that your
suggestion of having the pulse audio jack module and jackdbus seems the
most practical.

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