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Subject: Re: [LAU]
Date: Saturday, March 30, 2013 - 1:05 am

Le 29-03-2013 18:35, Kaj Ailomaa a écrit :

> I'm fairly sure your m-audio card is at hw:1 in this case. There's no

> This means you don't have realtime privilege. You need to do two

> First, make sure you have a file called

The file was already as below. So I ran the dpkg-reconfigure command
in there. And I added my user name to the group file, and rebooted. Now
qjackctl shows all 1010LT ins and outs, so things are moving on. There
was no need to specify the card's name which is good in a sense, because
I do not know where to specify the name. qjackctl does not seemingly
take a card name as a parameter.

> You accidentally sent this mail directly to me ;)

Sorry, I'm using the web interface mail thing from the ISP who did some
modifications to their email service and it's not that good - I should
get back to using sylpheed but haven't done it yet.

Well, thanks for the setup tips. It now works. So, if I notice
glitches and many xruns then I will know that I should use a low latency
kernel ? The machine is quad core with 16G RAM with a ASUS mobo that
has an new-improved-updated sata interface for the drives.

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