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Date: Sunday, March 3, 2013 - 11:02 pm

Hi everyone!

Ubuntu Studio is looking for contributors, and there's plenty of room for
new people in all our work areas - Testing, Public Relations, Artwork,
Documentation and Development.

You don't need to be a hacker, or otherwise ordinarily skilled. It's
enough you have a friendly attitude, and the will to help.

I've prepared some pages..

* Our main site: https://ubuntustudio.org/contribute/
* Our wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/JoinTheTeam

So, if you think this might be something for you, don't hesitate to join

Since this is a post to the Linux audio community, it makes sense I
explain a little bit about what you could do to contribute to the audio
side of things.

* Software Selection: Just researching what is out there, new
applications, plugins, etc - since our goal is to be a gateway for new
users coming to the Linux audio world, we want to represent Linux audio
with a nice selection of applications and settings.

* Testing: Of course, always important. We need to know what works, and
what doesn't. If we find bugs, we should report them. And we should try to
work as closely upstream, with Debian and software developers to make sure
bugs get attention and are fixed. Most of everything audio-wise on a
Ubuntu Studio system is directly imported from Debian, and we'd like to
keep it that way, as that means we don't reinvent the wheel, and also, any
improvements will spread throughout the Debian tree of derivatives.

* Performance Testing: Kernel testing, trying different drivers, hardware,
and also designing the tests to be performed. Based on the results, we
suggest and make changes where they seem most logical.

* Public Relations: Posting news, conducting interviews with developers,
musicians, artists who work with Linux platforms. Interacting with users,
etc. As we are probably the most common linux multimedia distro out there,
we have the opportunity to also spread information and experiences to a
large base of users.

* Documentation: What most try to avoid doing, probably, but a very
important part of any organization. Our goal is to reuse as much as
possible of what already exists out there, since that would lessen our
workload. But, we also need to write our own docs. As this is seldom the
first priority, there's plenty to do on this front.

I'm probably forgetting a bunch of stuff, but this is really just meant as
an introduction anyway. Hope to see some new contributors soon!
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