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To: Egor Sanin <egor.sanin@...>
Cc: A list for linux audio users <linux-audio-user@...>
Date: Thursday, March 28, 2013 - 2:00 pm

Of course there are the following as well:
Nama: based on casound, get the latest version from git:

Bristol has a fantastic, if simplistic, textbased interface! If you like
vi/vim, you'll love that! Try the -cli option.

zynAddSubFX could be compiled without GUI to load patches.

Midish was mentioned, but is rather more than low-level. It is a shell, you
can write scripts and there already are some. Well-documented and quite
powerful, if you know, what you want.

setBfree the opening and pollishing of the Beatrix hammond organ emulator is
fantastic (it's controlled by MIDI only)

Aeolus Fons Adriaensen's pipe organ has a simple text-based interface. You
can't edit the instrument, but you can load stops and setup the instrument.

Hydrogen has a text-based interface for loading kits (hydrogen -k
directory_of_kit )

mplayer and lately mplayer2 are very good music players with support for a lot
of formats. Mplayer2 still has its glitches, but it can play youtube-links
directly and there are a few other interesting new features.

the hexter LV2 plugin (the DX7 emulator) has a small shell to go with
jack-dssi-host. You can load patch files and switch patches, no editing.

LinuxSampler and telnet are good companions. LinuxSampler's lscp protocol is
fully documented on and you can either write your own
lscp-scripts or copythem fom session with graphical front ends. Commands like:
telnet piano_load.lscp | telnet localhost 8888
will load them and:
telnet localhst 8888
gives youaccess to enter more commands. Use commands:
RESET - to reset everything
QUIT - to quit the shell (telnet)
or any othe command from the lscp. (otherwise known as the jack.* utilities) have some interesting
small tools to manage jack connections.

CLM and Csound also work well, especially when combined with emacs (for CLM)
and probably both Vim and Emacs for Csound. They can do syntax highlighting
and even automatic compliation/execution of code.

Last but not least, there are all the small utilities, that are nice
surrounding your audio setup, all the encoders (lame, oggenc/oggdec,
flac,...). cdrecord, genisofs and wodim for CD ripping and burning, mencoder
for converting between a lot of video formats, alsamixer or the lowlevel
version amixer for setting up your soundcard... and of course 100s of LADSPA
plugins and LV2 plugins, that can be loaded/used in Ecasound/Nama.
If you're looking for non-audio related console utilities, please send an
e-mail off-list.
Warm regards

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