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To: A list for linux audio users <linux-audio-user@...>
Date: Thursday, March 28, 2013 - 12:24 pm

Hey list,

On 3/25/13, Harry van Haaren wrote:

Sure, but I think Julien knows much more than I do. This is just for
music making:

sox: lots of wonderful uses
ecasound: recording/mixing/effects
a2jmidid: interoperability of alsa and jack midi
aj-snapshot: connection manager
esjit: another connection manager, for quick and dirty patching
mididings: awesome midi handler (use midi for pretty much ANYTHING)
meterec: a simplistic multitrack recorder, used mostly for it's
console level meter
jackctlmmc: drive jack transport with mmc messages
midish: really low-level hardcore midi sequencer
fluidsynth: you know this one (minus the qt interface)
linuxsampler: I really seldom use this
supercollider: again, sans gui (scvim styles)
sooperlooper: i just love client/server implementations
alsa utilities: aseqdump and friends
python, bash, ncurses, pyliblo, tmux, vim: scripting delight

and of course jack is a given.

I may have missed one or two things. Other than that my arch setup is
standard, default kernel, etc.

As for wifi, hmm Harry, I don't quite remember of a manager program.
I just use the following set of commands:
# ip link set wlan0 up
# iwlist wlan0 scan | less

or instead of less use some grep magic to show only needed info and
then use netcfg with corresponding config file in /etc/network.d/ to
There are many examples that directory, so it's rather trivial.

Though now I looked in ArchWiki and there are apparently a few options
for interactive console wifi management:
wifi-menu, wicd-curses, nmcli

I just tested wifi-menu and it's actually quite nice, still I find the
straight-up ip/iwlist/netcfg approach more transparent, which appeals
to me greatly.


I'd love to hear about other console tools folks around here use.
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