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Date: Friday, March 15, 2013 - 2:43 pm

Am 15.03.2013 14:34, schrieb Patrick Shirkey:

I think, that jquery is near-inevitible nowadays and I think, that is OK
as long as it is used properly and as long as the page degrades

> and I am looking into the best way to enable that while also

Such a function would be the last I would do in JS. I mean, that is all
about, what content is to be delivered to the visitor no? So I would use
a system, that runs on the server to assemble the list of stuff, that is
to land in the visitors browser...
Python, Perl even or... Run for the hills!! PHP


Yes, I have given in trying to correct Google and the like, when you
need Maps or external Videos, you cannot get a perfect result anymore...


As long as it is not irritating in design and not laced with the
commonly used bullshit *in the articles*, I do not see a real problem
with "social media"

> but the whole

I have a 1368x768 Laptop screen(Lenovo ideapad) The ticker overlaps
about 40px of the two videos in the second row.


No, by source I mean, if they want to see a stream from a YT-channel or
from anywhere else...


I would find that quite hard a task also...

I mean: if the publisher of a Linux-related video chooses some weired
format not viewable in a out-of-the-box Linux with say VLC and Mplayer

Maybe filtering those vendors would be the better choice...


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