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Date: Thursday, March 14, 2013 - 1:07 am

Patrick Shirkey writes:

> There are more people using Linux variants in China than the whole
population of the USA...

"Variants" being the key word. It is true that Android has a larger market
share than iOS in China, but this has zero bearing on the percentages of pro
audio/video editing systems in use.

If you're counting oranges, and you decide the numbers are not impressive
enough so you include broccoli (but call them oranges), it's less than

I live in China, and I promise you, on desktop and laptop systems, Linux is
more rare here than in the US. The prevailing mentality about free software
here is that it's better to steal proprietary software than to use free
software honestly: they prefer to crack Windows than use Linux. My students
(at the #3 or #4 ranking conservatory in China) think I'm a freak for using
Linux; they find it impressive in some way, and exotic, but nobody wants to
follow suit. On at least one occasion, someone guessed I was using a cracked
OSX. Linux is barely on the radar.


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