[LAU] OT: Muse2 2.1.1 for Arch

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Date: Sunday, March 10, 2013 - 9:05 pm

On Sun, 2013-03-10 at 16:38 -0400, jonetsu@teksavvy.com wrote:

Since I'm short in time, I don't know how the Arch with systemd does
work for audio. For my old Arch, before the transition, there were no
issues regarding to audio applications, but at that time I more often
used Ubuntu, than Arch. I don't like the way Ubuntu seems to go, so I'm
installing a new Arch, but again, I'm not in a hurry, I've got other
priorities for my live at the moment, but music.
Last time I monitored the poll about audio distros started at LAU or
LAD, I had the impression, that Ubuntu and Arch are the most used audio

It's worse to have a try at Arch, but I'm not experienced with current
Arch. IMO it's more likely that Arch is good for audio, than that it
will fail.

For office work Arch is much better than Ubuntu Quantal, it has got a
much better performance, no DBUS issues etc..

For Debian and Ubuntu I experienced to many borked packages for all
kinds of applications, something that I don't experienced for Arch until

Note that the AUR for Muse2 is edited by a workaround to get current
Muse, e.g. not provided by Ubuntu either.

The Arch mailing list has good and bad days nowadays, because it's
moderated. Arch Wikis, the best Linux Wikis in the past, today are in a
terrible mess, but they are still very good. I don't like forums, but at
least the German Arch forum members are very kind, it's not such a hard
place as LAU is ;p.
IMO community is important, sometimes people rave for distros without
good support. The best Linux is useless if you can't get support.


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