Re: [LAU] So what do you think sucks about Linux audio ?

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Date: Thursday, February 7, 2013 - 1:16 am

> Assuming this an open question, I'll share my thoughts...

windows is EXACTLY the same. some systems just work, some need
moderate tweaking, some require constant fighting with software/hardware.

> The majority of linux audio apps are such a mess to work with for the

in the same time, many of them are able and willing to do VERY complex
and special magic with cracked windows software to make it work :))))
in fact, it is NOT easier than making average linux system to work.
the motivation is the difference.

> usually it means to leech a thousand instruments/plugins from the

but there's one fundamental thing behind that.
people want to have endless opportunities to pick some another cool
thing that does some kind of fancy multimedia show.
that's about how the whole modern economics works.

> See, here is where expectations/assumptions are what leads to claims of

but the whole linux-on-desktop thing (and linux-on-DAW in particular) works
just like cloning the (un)natural monopolist for decades!!11

to speak about audio production, critical mass of people involved to
audio production believes that ableton+VST is the only possible &
acceptable paradigm nowadays, so it should be cloned everyphere.

as for me, i like linux because it's very easy to make it to be totally
different... but who cares? :)

and in general, linux audio suxx because very few people can answer
one very basic question: «why linux audio?»

p.s. and very few people can even imagine how much of their hardware
run linux inside :))))))
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