Re: [LAU] Reasons for using WineASIO (jordan)

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Date: Tuesday, February 5, 2013 - 6:41 pm

>>> Can anyone explain is there any benefits of using WinASIO (with JACK)?

To add to this, WineASIO allows you to run windows binaries that
support ASIO. WineASIO essentially just hands off the buffers to jack
~ where as FSThost or FST allow you to instead host/wrap a single VST
(instrument or effect) to use with jack. WineASIO uses alsa-midi as
well, not jack-midi. (so you likely have to pick the midi port in the
app with alsa-midi vs. connecting the ports in your graph with

> But with much MIDI jitter between WineASIO and Linux. Tested a long time

Ralf, you are quite incorrect on this point. I don't know when you did
these tests, but i know several people whom run Reaper just fine (and
have been, for quite some time ~ ie: for years). While i don't
personally use Reaper, i have tested it (recently) quite a bit. ~
assuming you have a decent setup (both in s/w and h/w + wine-rt patch
and reaper setup correctly), Reaper runs just fine, including using
lots of VSTi/VSTs in your tracks, recording audio tracks, multiple
midi tracks, etc... ie: no xruns / very usable. I've had some pretty
heavy tracks going, with some of the heavier VSTi's running,
(including Kontakt 5, Massive, Ivory, etc) no problem, whatsoever.
(although, Kontakt does require L_Pa-Wine to run properly, normal wine
/ wine-rt doesn't cut it for Kontakt).

I'd also like to point out, that i have been using wineASIO in several
of my 'Rigs'/RackmountPCs, spanning 5yrs... If 'serious usage' was
impossible with WineASIO - i would not be able to use it, in my setups
at all. (which is obviously not the case).

imho, It sounds like you must have had some poor configuration on your
end, if you were not able to successfully use WineASIO + midi without


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