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To: Arnold Krille <arnold@...>
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Date: Monday, February 4, 2013 - 11:11 am

* Arnold Krille [2013-02-03 19:08]:

That's right, there will be (almost) no drift between the set of eight
tracks, and unless there is stereo signals between different sets of
eight, you should be fine aligning them manually (provided you know
the source material).

I just occurs to me that the RME Multiface has an ADAT Sync input connector,
that most of us probably have never used.
The multiface manual mentions tells us about "ADAT Sync In for connection to
ADAT Sync of an ADAT recorder. Allows for sample-accurate
synchronization with ASIO 2.0." so this will give you a timecode from
the ADAT machine, at least into the windowze HDSPsettings application.

best, P
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