Re: [LAU] Building Audio from a Server Core?

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To: Grekim Jennings <grekimj@...>
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Date: Wednesday, February 27, 2013 - 11:33 pm

On Wed, February 27, 2013 10:46 am, Grekim Jennings wrote:

Not sure what you mean by a "server core". It could be starting with core
server SW installed. Or be specific HW. Adding Audio Apps to a machine set
up as a server is not hard, though a new install would be easier. The only
reason to keep the server SW in place is if you want to use the machine
both ways. In that case I would suggest setting up another run level just
for audio. That would make it easy to turn off some of the system services
while doing audio or reconfigure some of the core defaults. On the other
hand, if you want the machine to run as a server while also using it to do
audio work, one of your two uses will suffer. Either the server side will
be slower or the audio side will need more latency.

> I installed Lubuntu server core to a usb flash drive. I added myself to

Ok, this looks like just adding audio SW. Take a look at the ubuntustudio
metas with whatever SW installer you use. (synaptic would be easiest I
tihnk) You most likey do not want the -desktop, icons or settings, just
the audio related ones. Though it may be just as easy to choose the apps
you want.

> the audio group, but my usb Audiobox does not seem to be working,

Working? Meaning what? Does lubuntu use pulse like most of the other
*buntus? Have you set your USB card as the default sound device with
pavucontrol? Which application are you playing audio on? If the machine
you are using has an internal card, that would be the default, not your
USB card. Are the levels raised in the alsa mixer? Not muted?

So what are you trying to achieve? And how? It would be easy to tell these
things if I was there in person, but I am not and so to help you we need
as many details as possible.

> I suppose I could build an Arch system, but I was pleasantly surprised

Pretty much all the Linux setups use alsa these days. There is not much
difference from one to the next at that level. You should be able to get
sound with any of them.

Len Ovens

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