[LAU] [a bit OT] freesound.org - a short venting

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To: linux-audio-user <linux-audio-user@...>
Date: Tuesday, February 26, 2013 - 3:29 pm

Hello everyone!
I hope, that there is someone here, who has strong ties to freesound.org.
I went back there today to give registration another go. I said, that their
registration was rather a nuiance (captcha codes). Now I find audio captchas,
as provided by google. Which is all very well. I can download the audio
captcha and listen to it. After a quarter ofan hour Imanaged to guess a right
code and then was asked to copy a lot of text into another entry field. OK,
even that is no problem. But then, there is no button to press. Javascript.
So I think, I might give it a go and send a message to kindly ask for
support. But of course: I am politely asked to use the captcha.
I have been wondering: for a free site, sharing material with all the world,
if the world so desires, they are very well hidden. I know a fair number of
commercial web sites, which are easier to access and register with, including
- but not limited to - amazon and jpc, a large German musical instruments'
I know, they have problems with spam, but so have others. So have/had we at
some time, so have some forums, I once registered with and still, they all
weren't that bricked off. - I am part of a minority, even a rather small one,
seeing, that I use text-based programs, whereever possible. But I nkow of
others, who do have their scripts disabled for various reasons (blind or not).
I do hope, that someone here really is part of the team, otherwise I would
have wasted words and flooded this list with unnecessary spam of my own. :-)
Warm regards

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