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Date: Sunday, February 24, 2013 - 10:03 pm

Le 24-02-2013 15:09, Federico Bruni a écrit :

> $ vlc -p jack --jack-auto-connect

> What's wrong?

In Linux Mint Nadia (14) I start jack then use:

vlc --jack-auto-connect thieveryCorporation-FocusOnSight.flv

This works but, there is no vlc showing up in qjackctl's connections,
which is rather limiting as the audio cannot be routed. Must be a bug.

I have a 1010LT card. I used, (thanks to people here for the
information !) prior to launching jack, pavucontrol to assign all audio
to jack and turn the default on-board audio off. Currently pulso is
still running.

And I can hear audio from Youtube when using firefox.

Come to think of it, what tells me really that a command such as 'vlc
--jack-auto-connect kd-DJKicks.flv' *really* uses jack, even tough
'built-in audio' is disabled in pavucontrol ? It might be that
pavucontrol now routes all audio through the Envy24 chip set. There's
no proof actually that it goes through jack. vlc certainly does not
show up in jack's connection. Hmmmmm....

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