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Date: Thursday, February 21, 2013 - 10:56 am

Le 20-02-2013 19:57, Ralf Mardorf a écrit :

> Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing bad with playing chess, but it’s

There are internal and external energies. Cultivating both is probably
the best.

> There’s also nothing bad with inland water fishing. Also called a

Holding stances for a long period of time is another form of training
for the body. That's not the case with inland fishing, though. ;-)

> The rule is: "You snooze, you lose." It’s not important what we

Cardiovascular and muscular training benefits also from internal energy
training. The problem with the philosophy of 'doing something' is that
any internal energy training can be considering as doing nothing. Then
there's no balance between internal and external. It's all go-go-go on
the outside.

> Listening to music A isn’t better, than listening to music B. Doing

Robert Fripp, for one, did experiments with effects of sound on people.
Some frequencies will trigger body and mind responses. At a certain
level, yes, the music that is listened-to can have an influence on the
person and then it matters. At the taste level it's something else, but
at the physical level it can vry well be that certain frequencies and
certain rythms actually have an effect.

> Some people playing chess are creative others aren’t, it has less to

Yes, same with music. I still do not know how to qualify this. I all
kinds of music as long as there's *something* in it. I think that
something has to do with the creative spirit. Or something. I find
some music boring and other music not boring.

Some people also go by the masses. If it's popular, then it's good.
Some people will not listen to music that is unknown, or too foreign.
In these cases, the mind, the psychology, plays a role in 'appreciation'
of music. Although when the role is so heavy, I'm not sure if
'appreciation' is the right word at all ;-) 'Furniture' could be more
suitable. Some people have music as a furniture in their life ;-)

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