Re: [LAU] Audiophile 24/96 volume weirdness

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Date: Saturday, February 16, 2013 - 6:56 pm

On Sat, February 16, 2013 10:11 am, Q wrote:

>> You should be able to test your s/pdif out by looping it back into the

That sounds like a driver problem, as if it is not detecting the correct
card. I use s/pdif for some of my inputs, so I tend to test it with each
new kernel (at least the ubuntu ones) and I have not had this problem with
my D66. Here is the blurb from the kernel module:
Module snd-ice1712

Module for Envy24 (ICE1712) based PCI sound cards.
* MidiMan M Audio Delta 1010
* MidiMan M Audio Delta 1010LT
* MidiMan M Audio Delta DiO 2496
* MidiMan M Audio Delta 66
* MidiMan M Audio Delta 44
* MidiMan M Audio Delta 410
* MidiMan M Audio Audiophile 2496
* TerraTec EWS 88MT
* TerraTec EWS 88D
* TerraTec EWX 24/96
* TerraTec DMX 6Fire
* TerraTec Phase 88
* Hoontech SoundTrack DSP 24
* Hoontech SoundTrack DSP 24 Value
* Hoontech SoundTrack DSP 24 Media 7.1
* Event Electronics, EZ8
* Digigram VX442
* Lionstracs, Mediastaton
* Terrasoniq TS 88

model - Use the given board model, one of the following:
delta1010, dio2496, delta66, delta44, audiophile,
delta410, delta1010lt, vx442, ewx2496, ews88mt,
ews88mt_new, ews88d,
dmx6fire, dsp24, dsp24_value, dsp24_71, ez8,
phase88, mediastation

omni - Omni I/O support for MidiMan M-Audio Delta44/66

cs8427_timeout - reset timeout for the CS8427 chip (S/PDIF transceiver)
in msec resolution, default value is 500 (0.5 sec)

This module supports multiple cards and autoprobe. Note: The consumer
part is not used with all Envy24 based cards (for example in the
MidiMan Delta series).

Note: The supported board is detected by reading EEPROM or PCI
SSID (if EEPROM isn't available). You can override the
model by passing "model" module option in case that the
driver isn't configured properly or you want to try another
type for testing.
I would try model=audiophile first (I am assuming that is what you have),
but delta44 may work as well. The IEC958 Input Status should be either
"Input Active" or "No Signal Detected". Anything else is either a mudita
bug or a kernel module bug/misconfiguration. Considering you s/pdif is not
working I would suspect the later.

In ubuntu I think the right place to play with module params would be
/etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf, but I am not sure about other distros.

For testing you should be able to just modprobe -r snd-ice1712 and then
modprobe snd-ice1712 model=audiophile or whatever. I don't know if the
cs8427_timeout would help in your case or not. In my case things just work
with no param added. You would have to restart mudita every time I
think... probably stop mudita before removing the module and restart after
loading would be best.

Len Ovens

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