Re: [LAU] Audiophile 24/96 volume weirdness

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Date: Saturday, February 16, 2013 - 6:11 pm

On 16/02/13 16:37, Len Ovens wrote:


Ah okay, that makes sense. Yes, I just logged in, edited fstab and
rebooted straightaway.

> I don't think that should affect mudita as you probably didn't run it when

I've only ever had the 24/96 but I guess that's no guarantee that the
module thinks I have the right card. How would I check this?


Okay, I've never bothered saving different profiles. Which prompts the
question in my mind, if there's no saved settings/profile, why is this
volume issue happening? I'd kinda assumed that somehow something had
been saved with the right channel volume muted (although the DAC2 fader
doesn't show this) and I was having to counter this.

>> I think the right-channel volume thing started around the same time that

I'm positive the SPDIF out works because the problem didn't go away when
I swapped the 24/96 for another one (I have a third one lying around
somewhere that I could try!). I'd not thought about looping the cable
back, but I might give it a try just to confirm.

The Focusrite has no indicator unfortunately.

Interestingly, the Hardware Settings tab says "Unable to read IEC958
Input Status: No such file or directory", but I've never had any
problems with the SPDIF out from the Focusrite/SPDIF input on the 24/96.

Connecting the SPDIF in and out hasn't changed the "unable to read"
message on the Hardware Settings tab but did seem to cause my system to
lock up.


When I first lost sound output, I tried all possible combinations in the
patchbay and nothing made any difference. I've tried again now
(unplugging the analogue outputs of course so that I could hear if it
were working!) and no selection for SPDIF outputs results in sound.

Having swapped the card itself, the breakout cable and the SPDIF cable
all to no effect was why I jumped to the conclusion that it was the
Focusrite's DAC that had failed.

Many thanks

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