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Date: Thursday, February 14, 2013 - 11:46 am

On Thu, 2013-02-14 at 10:58 +0000, James Harkins wrote:

"Things" are reaching the heart, that are close to own live experiences
or close to a similar world view.

You perhaps know more about Bach than I do ;), however , he was had a
sheltered, privileged life, something everybody should have, but the
fewest have got that luck ;). He perhaps anyway likes the same flowers I
like ;), but seemingly does share less of my world view. Without having
knowledge of the biographies I noticed I like music, when my biography
does share something with the composers biography, that has deep impact
to my heart.

I for example share something with Horowitz's psychopathology and his
own compositions, or at least the way he's playing his ow compositions
are close to my heart.

There was a doko about Horowitz and he played some own compositions.
Some people around him, I guess audio engineers, asked him what he was
playing, because they didn't know this compositions. _I loudly replied
to the television set_ "Can't you hear it? He's playing his own music!"
Without knowing that it was his own music, without knowing that I share
something of Horowitz's psychopathology.

Horowitz replied _after_ I shouted to the television, that it's his own
music, he not only is a pianist, but besides a musician.

Our hearts are able to hear, if we really listen with our hearts.

What is able to reach your heart and what not, has nothing to do with
having a harder or less hard life, being a more or less ethical human
please don't misinterpret it like this. It has to do with a balance of
similarities and differences. It's not a topic about better or less good
abilities, ethics etc..

You e.g. likely have a girlfriend that has some very special
similarities and some very special differences to your biography,
personality and for music it's the same. Hopefully music was your first
love ;) and hopefully it will be your last ;).


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