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Date: Sunday, February 10, 2013 - 11:17 am

On 02/10/2013 01:59 AM, wrote:

hi gerald!

> What sucks: the workflow does not feel organic! Can you say that

as someone who has done his share of 8track reel-to-reel recording:

* clean and degauss tape heads
* find some empty tape (at something like 90 € per half hour)
* thread the tape
* lay down test tones
* (optional) wrestle with your noise reduction
* level, arm, roll
* start jack
* start ardour with 8-track template
* level, arm, roll

when it comes to editing and mixing, the whole comparison becomes
ridiculously unbalanced. and i'm not even talking sound quality yet.

and if you want to include the setup and configuration of a bare-bones
machine, then please also include the soldering iron and oscilloscope :)

don't get me wrong, gerald, this isn't meant as personal criticism, and
your input is certainly appreciated, but this statement just doesn't
hold water.

> And just saying that

> But, and this a big but: as I don't need nor want documentation to get a

dude. you have practised your guitar for years. at some point, that
surely involved reading documentation, or at least very thorough and
systematic exploration on your part.
if you were to claim that guitars are needlessly complex and you are
entitled to just grab one and go, hard-working guitarists would be
rightfully offended and laugh at you.

a studio workflow is no different. it takes practice and respect to
master. why does everybody and their grandma just assume that when they
suck at recording, it must be the studio's fault? that is kind of
offending to hard-working recording engineers. ;)

> The whole ecosystem has to be integrated and simple to be

no. no. no. i don't want to be limited to a three-stringed guitar
because people can only count "one, two, many".

stuff that works without prior knowledge or some will to study is
usually boring, and ineffective. it's cool for a week, and then you
outgrow it.

now i'm all ears when it comes to discussing workflow and how to
streamline stuff - after all, professional studio work is all about
workflow. but i don't like blanket statements that threaten to make
software too simplistic for more demanding work.



Jörn Nettingsmeier
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