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Date: Monday, December 30, 2013 - 7:13 am

On December 29, 2013 05:15:10 PM Brent Busby wrote:

If you have added the Program "Ctrl" graph you can you can enter
program changes on the graph.

(It may be more convenient to enter program changes as events in the
Event List Editor.)

Be aware, if you enter only ONE value on the graph, the area on the graph
to the LEFT of that value is termed 'undefined'.
Once that single program change has happened, either by playing through it
or moving the transport head through it, if you then REWIND (or reposition)
the transport, that program STAYS in effect.
Maybe this is what you are experiencing.
Therefore you should enter an INITIAL program at time=0.
Thus upon REWIND the program always returns to some INITIAL value.
This is true for all controllers in MusE, including controller events manually
entered in the Event List Editor.

Each midi track has a midi port which has an instrument. MusE instruments
can ALSO define default INITIAL time-0 values for the controllers, so that
upon REWIND, these values are automatically sent.
However this "use instrument default controller values upon REWIND"
feature needs to be enabled in the Global Settings, Midi tab.
(I added this 'switch' and turned it off by default because of complaints,
maybe a useful feature for some but usually best if the USER manually
enters and is aware of ALL events and values.)
Any manually entered time-0 values will override any instrument-defined
initial time-0 values.

Hope this helps, ask away. We also have mailing lists and web forums.
Cheers, happy new year to you and LAU.

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