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Date: Sunday, December 22, 2013 - 10:13 pm

Dear LAU,


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From: Renato Fabbri
Date: 2013/12/20
Subject: GMANE and complex networks
To: linux-audio-dev@lists.linuxaudio.org

Dear LAD,

In studying complex network (a doctorate research),
I got into interaction networks because of its utility for understanding
social systems.

This lead me to GMANE database:
in which LAD, LAU, LAA (i think), and about 20 thousand other lists
are hosted as public and with data available via RSS.

After experimentations with some lists, in writing results in an article format,
I chose 4 lists: the GNU C++ stdlib development list (official
perhaps), LAU, LAD and Metareciclagem, a gadget-media-activist list
from Brazil.
This article was sent to arXiv:
and is currently being revised by authors, with latest version here:
Some visualizations of these networks in evolution are in:

Among all options available for doing this research, I chose LAD and
LAU with esteem. This lists were quite helpful to me in many
occasions, specially in the period 2005-2009. Anyway, this raises a
question about this kind of analysis, if it is desirable, invasive in
public lists/data. As they are publicly accessible, users should have
access also to what kind of information one is able to extract from
such data? Or should it be restricted to enterprises, government
parties and individuals not sharing about it? I number participants,
so names don't appear on results and even in the process of data
mining, but should that be? Should that hold for public data?
Of course, this discussion might make sense only when there are no
aggressive intents, such as developing interfaces to expose someone,
which is probably not cool in any case.


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GNU/Linux User #479299
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