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Date: Tuesday, December 10, 2013 - 10:12 pm

I have one of those cheap little sound cards which look like a
telephone handset which I've been using on my wife's computer. Had it
plugged into a USB multiport. Worked without a problem .... until
recently. The speaker worked just fine, but the microphone refused to
work. And when I say that it didn't work, it was completely dead. Mind
you both pulse and alsa found the mic just fine. I thought the unit
was buggered. After all, it's just a 5 or 10$ device.

But, I tried it on my computer and it worked fine.

Hmmm .... now I get to debug!

Figured it out after a few hours :) We'd only recently plugged her
mouse into the same multiport. If the "telephone" is plugged into a
different port, it works. If the mouse is not plugged into the
multiport, it works.

So, the problem turns out to be that having a mouse and the microphone
on the same multiport caused the problem.

Posted here so someone else can save a few hours :)

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