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Date: Tuesday, December 10, 2013 - 9:21 pm


Thanks for listening! I'm not sure this is jazz, but it sure smells funny

I'm sorry for not replying earlier, I seem to have made a mistake with my
icedove mail folders, so I didn't receive your mail, and I'm now posting
from the web interface...

Yes, I still use renoise, it's my main music making program. I play
(sometimes even work) with other programs from time to time, but renoise
works very well for me.

EnergyXT is actually quite nice, however it 1) can't handle the number of
audio tracks I'm working with, 2) contains annoying bugs and 3) doesn't seem
to be maintained.

Rezound is a sound-file editor (unless I'm missing something), so it's
something else.

PD is really great, but much more general purpose, I wouldn't know how to do
what I do with it.

BitWig (still unavailable to the public) could be my next main program,
provided it's stable and the price is reasonable.

Regarding renoise: It's a tracker, which means it takes some getting used
to. It has advantages and disadvantages compared to other DAWs. The main
reasons I use it over the other choices are 1) extreme stability and 2) the
project is contained in one file (so you can open an ancient project and it
just works right away).


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