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Date: Sunday, December 1, 2013 - 10:02 pm

On 01/12/13 21:26, Atte wrote:


You just caught me in-between two episodes of Borgen!

Beautiful production and great mood and atmosphere.

I love the way the bass and vocal echo gradually and softly worm the
rhythm in before the drums come in. I would've loved it more if the
drums had more weight and power, especially the snare and to a lesser
extent the kick -- they seem a bit lightweight to me and would've
provided more of a contrast, especially after the earlier, stuttering
appearances in the second verse.

Admittedly, it sounded a lot better 'phones, it's just a shame that
there isn't enough low end higher up, so to speak, to come across on (my
admittedly a tad bass-light) studio monitors and generally more body to
the snare.

But that's just nitpicking and a matter of personal taste. Oh yes, and
it's far too short :-) It's impossible to fault what's there. Each
successive listen turns up more little details that add real interest.

Excellent work and thanks for sharing.


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