[LAU] Finding new good filter settings for multiband compression

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Date: Tuesday, November 26, 2013 - 9:57 am

Hello everyone!
Nama has a sort of multiband compressor by using three parallel tracks, all
processed by filters. Now we've discovered, that our current filter settings
aren't good for multiband compression as used in a mastering setup. Yes, I
know, people debate wether to use it or not, but it's always nice to have the
opportunity and leave it up to the users.
We currently use the Glame highpass, lowpass and bandpass IIR LADSPA plugins
with unique IDs 1890-1892. The current settings are:
lowpass: 106Hz 2 stages
bandpass: 520Hz(center) 800Hz(bandwidt) 2 stages
highpass: 1030Hz 2 stages
These settings give a good full band, but I've heard, that the bands aren't
the best choices. I've found some reeferences to using:
160Hz as the first divider and 3500Hz for the second divider.
could someone suggest good settings to achieve this. Either with these
plugins or with different filters, if easily available and in form of a LADSPA
plugin. Ecasound has LV2 support, but it's not capable of all the LV2
I'd also do just fine with a formula to calculate it myself, if there is
such a thing, that really meets the audible requirements.
Fons, last time you were kind enough to supply the settings. How did you
arrive at these values? Did you check graphically? I'm pretty sure, that you
wouldn't have.
Warm regards and thanks a lot

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