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Date: Saturday, October 5, 2013 - 1:27 pm

Radium 1.9.31 is a big release with many new features and bug fixes.

1.9.31 is the first release with Pd embedded.
Pd is a " Real-time graphical dataflow programming environment for
audio, video, and graphical processing." (http://puredata.info/)

Pd embedded in Radium has got approximately the same features as Max
for Ableton Live. (https://www.ableton.com/en/live/max-for-live/)

Screenshot: http://folk.uio.no/ksvalast/radiumpd.png
Video 1: http://folk.uio.no/ksvalast/radium_pd.ogv
Video 2: http://folk.uio.no/ksvalast/radium-pd-invertnote.ogv

Radium homepage: http://users.notam02.no/~kjetism/radium/

Most important changes 1.9.30 -> 1.9.31:
* New demo song: BlowFish! Made by www.magnetophon.nl
* Save hashmap elements in sorted order so that songs can more easily
be compared textually
* Menu entry to show name of all included pd externals
* Help menu options to edit keybindings and menues
* Song comment dialog
* Fix "Switch Window Configuration" menu option
* Removed "Error. y2>=window->height: ..." error. Just print to stderr instead.
* Removed the "Something strange just happened in the function
Blt_markVisible" warning (print to stderr instead)
* Option to set number of scrolls per second. Scrolling too often can
be tiresome for the eyes.
* Make it easier to connect objects and see connections in the mixer,
plus adjust object sizes
* Patchbay sound object
* Fix crash loading Soundfonts in the Fluidsynth and Sampler instrument
* Show stars around filename if theres unsaved data
* When quitting or loading, only ask sure/yes/no if edited since last save.
* Change "Set Patch For Track" to "Set Instrument For Track" in the
instruments menu.
The word "patch" should not be exposed to the user anymore.
* Be able to load files with DOS char set
* Changed internal radium block size to 64 (similar to Pd)
* Sending note events between sound objects (green lines)
* Enable undo for on/off effect controllers
* Pd extended is included as a sound object. 921 externals are
included. GUI is working.
Several instances is working. Can be used to write both audio
effects and note effects.
* Fix qt paths on Archlinux (Javafant/archlinux)
* Many minor bug fixes
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