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Date: Monday, October 21, 2013 - 7:31 pm

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Hi all,

I just realized that I have never properly announced midifilter.lv2,
so here it goes:

midifilter.lv2 are a collection of LV2 plugins to filter MIDI events
released in terms of the GPLv2.

The source-code can be found at

Thanks for Jaromír Mikeš they are available in debian (and derived
distributions) in the 'x42-plugins' package.

Kudos to Thomas Brand who started documenting them at
http://gareus.org/oss/lv2/midifilter - much of the documentation has
meanwhile been integrated into the plugins themselves and is displayed
by LV2-hosts who support built-in doc.

So far it features 23 filters:

* Channel Filter -- discard messages per Channel
* Channel Map -- map any MIDI-channel to another MIDI-channel
* Enforce Scale -- force midi notes on given musical scale
* Eventblocker -- notch style message filter.
* Keyrange -- discard notes-on/off events outside an give range
* Keysplit -- change midi-channel number depending on note
(and optionally transpose)
* Mapscale -- flexible 12-tone map
* Chord -- harmonizer - create chords from a single note in a given
musical scale
* Delay -- delay MIDI events with optional radomization
* Dup -- unisono - duplicate MIDI events from one channel to another
* Strum -- arpeggio effect intended to simulate strumming a stringed
instrument (e.g. guitar)
* Transpose -- chromatic transpose MIDI notes
* Legato -- Hold a note until the next note arrives
* NoSensing -- strip MIDI Active-Sensing events
* NoDup -- MIDI duplicate blocker. Filter out overlapping note on/off
and duplicate messages.
* NoteToggle -- toggle notes: play a note to turn it on, play it again
to turn it off.
* nTabDelay -- repeat notes N times (incl tempo-ramps)
* Passthru -- no operation (example plugin)
* Quantize -- live midi event quantization
* Velocity Randomizer -- randomly change velocity of note-on events
* Sostenuto -- delay note-off messages, emulate a piano sostenuto pedal
* Velocity Range -- filter MIDI note events according to velocity.
* Velocity Scale -- modify note velocity by constant factor and offset

As usual, any feedback is welcome.
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