Re: [LAU] [LAD] io GNU/Linux V2 RC1 out :)

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To: MK aka El Doctor <>
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Date: Sunday, October 13, 2013 - 10:06 pm



Ok, thnx. Ill check it out later.

Clients like looking at 'eye candy'!!

For my needs this looks like a good relay box, dedicated synth or remote unit in another room piped across netjack to main DAW. I do want to try having it permanent on a single box to see how it runs. It's certainly much more spritely running from a USB stick vs a DVD.

Kxstudio became my staple OS awhile ago but I still use AV Linux on some machines also. Always open to new stuff such as this slick looking set up! Having SMB already set up is a hi 5 from me!!


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