Re: [LAU] OT: hardware problem Behringer FCB1010 and edirol USB midi adaptors.

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To: Bill Allen <bill@...>
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Date: Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - 5:51 am

Hi Bill,

On Mon, Jan 28, 2013 at 5:55 PM, Bill Allen wrote:

> My problem is that I've got 4 edirol usb midi interfaces of various types:

I suggest using a MIDI monitor to check each step of the process to
make sure that each component involved in outputting MIDI messages is
outputting the correct bytes. Possible monitoring points include:

* MIDI produced by the application that communicates with the FCB1010
(if this isn't possible inside the virtual machine, then try running
the application in `wine`)
* MIDI output by the virtual machine (I'm not sure if you can create a
virtual sound card for a VM or not)
* MIDI output by the MIDI interface (use a MIDI split device, or,
possibly, the MIDI thru port of the FCB1010)

I'd be interested in knowing if the problem goes away if you run the
program via `wine`.

Devin Anderson
surfacepatterns (at) gmail (dot) com

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