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To: Gabbe Nord <gabbe.nord@...>
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Date: Wednesday, January 23, 2013 - 10:30 pm

Hello Gabbe!
What a nice tune again. I love the feeling, as I have mentioned before.
Remove the drums, and I'd see it in the moanful memories of a movie/radioplay,
put them in and it is not the kargyra moan, buty the Scandinavian moan.
Soothing and sad.
Two things about the production, that poked out: first the bassdrum is quite
loud - in comparison - and rather bulky, seeing, that you chose a bluky
rhythm. If you didn't really want that, then I'd suggest removing a little bit
of the low end - quite amazing, how much you can remove in such a mix - and
then have a look at the compressor again.
Also it seems, that the whole mix is overcompressed, the drums "pump" the
strings aside. As much as I can enjoy this technical artefact as a technique
in newer electronic music, it's blasmpheming against the strings here. If you
just want more loudness in this case, try to compress single tracks -
especially drums and experiment with a limiter, if you must. It could work
very well. I've always had good experiences with the TAP limiter (unique ID
2145), within reasonable bounds, it too sounds good and does the job, without
I love the sounds of this piee. It's the first time I heard pianoteq in a
mix and it does work. Also the bass sound was soft and smooth, just as the
piece required. Good usage of the guitar, if it was guitar for effects and
"drama". :-)
Thanks for sharing this tune, I hope to meet it a second time in your
upcoming small project.
Warmly yours

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