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Date: Saturday, January 19, 2013 - 10:32 pm

On Sat, 19 Jan 2013 22:31:06 +0100, Robin Gloster wrote:

Danke für die Bestätigung Robin,

I guess it's to risky to make Internet radio with GEMA music. We once made
Bürgerfunk. Since I was a known audio engineer here and I was payed to do
audio engineering for other people making Bürgerfunk, we had some
privileges other people did not have. However, all people making
Bürgerfunk don't need to take care about the GEMA. We still could do
Bürgerfunk and get money from the LfR, but I was thinking of making
Internet radio, because we won't get money, but reach as much people as
possible, who are interested in Rock music that isn't mainstream, but also
not to unknown. We fall into euphoria when thinking about the possibility
to make radio for the Internet, so I didn't thought about the GEMA. Some
days later I was thinking of the GEMA and the friend was disappointed,
still doesn't believe that the GEMA is an issue.

The friends ezine, http://www.cosmiclava.com was established in 1999, so
he now has many friends among the artists, you'll find the logo of the
ezine on concert announcement posters of famous bands. But AFAIK
agreements of the bands to play their music isn't valid, because they make
a deal with the GEMA. The only thing we could do is to play GEMA free
music, but I suspect that even a lot of 80s DIY European Punk Rock isn't
free anymore. I wonder what would happen if we would play GEMA free
records from the past, that today might be new released with GEMA. I don't
know if there are records where this happened, but this might be a risk

Btw. we won't get money, but we can't pay money to pay the GEMA and even
if I could pay the GEMA, I will not do it. I never had to deal with the
GEMA myself. I was working for audio and video production and audio gear
development and manufacturing and even when I was payed as employee for
Bürgefunk, I didn't work in the office, but maintained the audio equipment
and helped to record radio program.

So your experiences are bad and you and I we guess, we don't know, but
this uncertainty, the need to ask a lawyer, for me is to risky.


PS: linuxaudio.org often isn't reachable at the moment, at least the
list isn't available
PPS: The binary Linux packages have got a big advantage compared to
FreeBSD ports, I'm updating a FreeBSD install and the machine does
compile for more than 24 hours now, it's still in progress.
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