Re: [LAU] L_ProAudio: A Linux Proaudio FrameWork with improved Wine/kernel(rt) support [Jordan]

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Date: Wednesday, January 16, 2013 - 2:07 pm

On Tue, 15 Jan 2013 08:16:23 -0500, jordan wrote:

> Hartmut Noack wrote:

Sold! Thank you. ;)

> Any software that i have tested with this version of Wine (beyond

I don't do much with Wine, but if I can get it working on my 64bit
Kubuntu 12.04, with the patch for my wonderful wheel, and any nVidia
(NonFree) driver - I'd be over the moon! I'll happily test anything
on the platform too, if all goes well. It's not looking too bad so far.
The patch (which worked on 3.8rc3) applied to your 3.6-rt-L_pa kernel
source and I was able to select it in make xconfig. I also selected
Latencytop, which I've heard of, but not used. Build and install just
finished - with the (now familiar) dkms problems. I think I know what
to do. Just drag the script into an xterm window and hit enter it says:

> Nvidia should work fine - since i am a long-time Nvidia user (and I am

I think I'll try just running with the kernel and whatever GPU driver
it can manage to work with, just to see if the wheel patch works etc.

> I've got a small Wiki up too (now) that might answer a few of your

Thanks for all the work you've put in already on this. I've a feeling
it's going to be very popular...

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