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Date: Sunday, September 9, 2012 - 3:33 pm

Hi Julien

Sorry to hear that.

I had a RAID failure earlier in the year and had to buy a 1TB USB HDD to
back up my entire /home from the remaining two drives, then reformat the
RAID and copy everything back from the external drive. After building
the RAID again, at one point I thought I'd accidentally deleted
everything from the external drive, losing six years' music, photos,
everything. Fortunately I hadn't, I'd just confused myself, but it was a
horrible sinking feeling like nothing I've ever felt before. Yours won't
be as bad, but still very frustrating and annoying, so I sympathise.

Sorry, I can't actually help with the recovery, but just advice from
personal experience. I used to back-up by copying Ardour project
folders, which at many, many GBs a time just for changes to the Ardour
file was really insane (and why I'd almost run out of space).

Here's the advice: get yourself an external drive -- large ones are
pretty cheap these days -- and use something like rsync to do
incremental back-ups and get into the habit of backing up every day
after you've been recording or mixing. I use luckyBackup which is a nice
GUI frontend for rsync and it's very powerful.

Best of luck with the recovery


On 09/09/12 16:11, Julien Claassen wrote:

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