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Date: Monday, September 3, 2012 - 7:59 am

On 02/09/12 22:46, SxDx wrote:

I think you only need the resources/time/skill to sample all the
phonemes for various choir combinations, add glue and logic, the
interface, some usual ADSR stuff and filtering, reverb here and there, a
pinch of randomness, and your done :)

Another way could be to have 4 singers sing the lines various times
recording them multi-trak, each take with different miking positions and
EQing (or keeping the mike still in the room and having them move around
each time). If the singers were good enough they'd be able to change
their voice quality slightly at each take to mimic multiple people. Of
course you need 4 singers if you wanted a full SATB choir, probably just
a good baritone and dark soprano would suffice to have a mixed choir
effect for a monophonic or 2-voice line.

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