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Date: Tuesday, September 25, 2012 - 6:22 am


I have samples here, single-note recordings from instruments, that need tuning.
I am looking for a permanent/destructive way to do that.
I can do the batch processing part myself so I only need a hint how to do it for one file.

The file(s) are nearly correctly tuned and I already know what it is supposed to be, if that helps.
Example: I have a file resembling the midi a4 which should be 440hz, but maybe it is 430 to 450.
So the optimal input would be: "Tune this file to a4" where the analysis of the actual frequency is done by a program.

Quality is the top priority. Since the tuning is very fine I don't care if the speed of the recording changes or not. I take what sounds best.

So, any command line tool available for that? If not a GUI tool is fine as well.


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