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Date: Tuesday, July 3, 2012 - 6:19 pm

It really wasn't my intent to generate a discussion on the merits of
learning a bit of music theory. If you don't want to learn it, who am
I to tell you otherwise.

But, I did the old "if it's a problem, fix it yourself" advise and
wrote a little (under 100 lines) python program to do what I wanted.
It uses an existing table of chord values from MMA and prints out some
results. Took less than an hour to write :)

Here are some examples (and I really hope I'm not showing my dumbness
with bad results!!):

[11:12 AM ~/src/bv/mma/util] bob$ ./ c eb g
B#m Cm

[11:12 AM ~/src/bv/mma/util] bob$ ./ c eb g a
Am7-5 Am7b5 B#m6 Cm6

[11:12 AM ~/src/bv/mma/util] bob$ ./ c eb g a d
B#m6(add9) B#m69 Cm6(add9) Cm69 D7susb9

[11:12 AM ~/src/bv/mma/util] bob$ ./ c e g
B#M CM Em#5 Em+ Em+5 Fbm#5 Fbm+ Fbm+5

[11:13 AM ~/src/bv/mma/util] bob$ ./ c e# g
B#sus B#sus4 Csus Csus4 E#omit3(add9) E#omit3add9 E#sus2 Fomit3(add9)
Fomit3add9 Fsus2

Some of the names are repetitive, but that's due to MMA accepting
different names as aliases.

If anyone wants the code, send me a private mail and I'll send it out.
You will need to have MMA installed (see my website). It'll be in the
util section of MMA in future releases.


**** Listen to my CD at ****
Bob van der Poel ** Wynndel, British Columbia, CANADA **
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