Re: [LAU] Envy24Control: loading saved profiles

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Date: Monday, July 16, 2012 - 1:46 pm

> Sorry of this sounds simplistic, but I haven't found the 'load'

I never saw an answer to this come across the list, so just in case it
wasn't answered privately:

The profile number button automatically loads the profile when selected.
In other words, when you click the "1" button on the profiles tab, it
loads whatever information is associated with that profile. If you
change the settings and close the program without saving, when you select
the "1" button the older settings will be reloaded. If you change the
settings after that and select the "save" button, the changes will be
saved to the currently selected profile.

The man page implies you should be able to have the profile loaded at
startup by passing the profile number to the program, e.g. alsa24ctl 1 but
I have not verified that myself yet.

Chris Caudle

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