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Date: Thursday, July 12, 2012 - 10:24 am

On 07/11/2012 11:21 PM, Simon Wise wrote:

Just shows me that they've been practicing their bad design philosophy
for many years. I have tried GNOME3 and KDE4. I found both got in the
way far more than they helped. I also have used GNOME2, and didn't like
it, either. While there is value in simplifying things, there is also
the danger of simplifying too much.

"Nothing is 'intuitive' in its fullest sense." Everything you think is
"intuitive" about any computer interface is something you learned about
that interface - and have forgotten you learned. Interfaces that violate
well-established, well-learned user expectations and experiences are not
intuitive. They are rude and make users feel stupid. They make users
feel dictated to by "I know better than you how you should do this task"
"designers" who far too many times are more wrapped up in being "kewl"
and buffing up their egos than in producing a good, functional UI for
others. (Same phenomenon occurs amongst graphic designers pretending to
be web designers.)

But then, I'm weird. People blog about how tablet/smartphone UIs will
take over the desktop. I think the whole idea of coming up with a common
UI that is perfect for both desktop and tablet/smartphone use is a grand
exercise in misguided stupidity. Fortunately for Linux, Windows 8 seems
to be making that great mistake for us. Now I just hope Linux desktop
environments won't do their usual thing and imitate it ... At least
Libre/OpenOffice seem to have refused to imitate the idiotic MS Office
"ribbon" interface.

For audio users, there's the added layer of user expectations and usage
modes that arises from their musical training and experience. If you're
a musician who doesn't read music, you might consider sheet music
completely useless: "Why are the developers wasting their time on that?"
Someone who's trained and reads music would respond, "How could you
possibly do without it?" and find it difficult (as I do) to work with a
bunch of musicians who don't read music, yet want everything tightly
rehearsed and planned and well-prepared ahead of time. Case in point:
lead guitarist of my church band. He's terrified of improvising. (He
suffers from severe perfectionism.) He works very hard on his solos. But
if something happens and he has to suddenly add an extra measure or two
- he's lost. His only option is to go back and repeat his entire solo
from the beginning. We have a violinist in our band who used to play in
classical orchestras, yet she can't read a note.

My guess for most "intuitive" UI for audio users? The primary instrument
they play! ;-)

authenticity, honesty, community
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