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Date: Tuesday, July 10, 2012 - 12:13 pm


Last week was really amazing here in Findlay OH USA. We suffered through
an incredible storm with 90 mph winds, then had no power and 100+ degree
(F) heat every day for the next seven days. I have an entirely new
appreciation for 1) the people who went through Katrina and 2) the
humble electron.

Anyway, I found some blues songs relating the effects of floods -
Charley Patton's High Water Rising and John Lee Hooker's Tupelo are two
great examples - and I found one that at least mentioned disaster by
fire (Muddy Waters' You Can't Lose What You Never Had), but I didn't fnd
any that dealt with extreme hot weather. Anyone know of any such songs ?

In the spirit of the thing here's a reprise of my first song completed
in Ardour, a long time ago (circa 2004 ?) :


Okay, well, I think my singing's improved a little since then.

"It's like talkin 'bout the weather never seems to change a thing..."

Seriously, if any of you put up with the same stuff last week that we
"enjoyed" I sincerely hope you're doing better now. It was one for the
record books around here.


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