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Date: Tuesday, June 19, 2012 - 5:11 pm

Hi Dave and all you other remixers!
It was great fun listening to these mixes and comparing them, thinking: I'd
like to takethis feature fromthis mix and that from the other and then put
them all together in myhead. :-)
I must say, and I hope, this won't be held against me, that I liked the
original mix the least of them all. But that's quite allright, since you had
the composing of a very engaging song to throw in as well. :-) Too much
the McGruff remix has this small sound. What I'd call "singer songerwirter'
sound. I like the directness of it. What I don't like about it, is the voice
being a little off-center. It's very strange. But it brings out all the
instruments very clearly. It's a very trnasparent approach. And I have come to
like transparent a lot. :-)
The Jason Jones remix: Well of course, splendid drumming, something Imissed
in the original. but we don't all have a drumkit ready at home, with all the
micing in place. I like very much the way the drums are played, because it
goes against the cliche. When I heard the first snare hit, and realised, that
it wouldn't be all rimshot, Ithought: oh god, we're going to hear the typical
coffee-house blues for so-called culturallyinterested folks in suites and with
no taste at all. Yet this impression was quickly dismantled and found me
listening in delight. The drumming actually gave the song even much push.
Something stronger, stricter, tighter. And even better: no bouts of being the
good drummer. Sometimes less is really much more than more. So enough shameful
admittance to my fetish for drums. Drool all cleaned up and we can talk about
the mix. If the reverb on the vocals was another one, perhaps a nicely tune IR
or in general something alittle more subtle, it would be perfect in my ears.
This mix has a soft pressure from below, while still being tight and not to
cuddly. there's enough parnorama to have a real room impression and just a
joyful listening experience. I just leant back and closed my eyes, whatever
that might improve, being me. :-)
Fons' remix: Fantastic processing of the vocals. I love the reverb. It is
the subtle one, I've been longing for in Jason's mix. The guitars and the
drums are processed clearly. Not too much compression. The overall loudness is
quite impressive. Yes I know, loudness isn't everything, but it tends to give
easy pleasure. Just like good fast food or sweets: You know you shouldn't and
it hits you directly, but it's just very tasty. :-) The panorama is again well
used. There's only one drawback and that is in my ears a big one: the bass. In
comparison it sounds much too loud. I don't know, how it would actually fit
in, if it was lower in volume. But at that volume, it also sounds muddy. Gives
me a bit of the impression, like an EQ band was raised by accident and not
lowered again. Overall, it's the biggest mix. I'm talking about the stereo
impression. More like a good concert recording or almost like an orchestral
recording space. Overall, it manages to give room to the finer points of the
original recording.
It being a good tune, it was great fun listening over and over again and I'm
happily waiting for the other two remixes, should they arrive. thank you
everyone for sharing this work!
Warmly yours

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