Re: [LAU] What Focusright firewire interfaces are fully working and currently available?

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Date: Sunday, May 6, 2012 - 7:38 pm

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On 04.05.2012 01:46, drew Roberts wrote:

I don't remember if the PRO40 has dedicated world-clock connectors.
But you can easily sync two of them (or two of different kinds) via
spdif, adat or one of the firewire-internal clocks.

> Also, what all extra, if anything, do you need to get 20 in going at

Afair the pro40 is 8 analog in and out and one pair of adat. So that
gives you 16 input plus two from the spdif. If you need more then 16
channels, you have to get two pro40 or a pro56 which features two pairs
of adat io.

Have fun,

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