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Date: Thursday, May 31, 2012 - 9:51 pm

On Thursday 31 May 2012 23.05.32 Giorgio - Audiophilo wrote:

Hi everybody,

Have not tested Axe FX and Kemper but thinks that modelling is absolutely
great. I have a POD 2, POD X3 (anyone wanna buy it? ;-) ) and a POD X3

I see on some forums and on the 'Net that some people say that they are
disturbed by the latency of this boxes. But don't listen to them, this
latency is just a fraction of the latency you got when a real amp is more
than some centimetres from your ears or a microphone. :-)

I do also have some real amps (a JC 120, a Twin Reverb and Cube), but
prefer modelling. My subjective meaning is that some real amps might be
better when you play alone, but the guitar sound easily sounds best in a
mix when modelled. I know that some studio engineers hate modelling. You
should let your own ears decide, it's no right and wrong here I believe.
But to go in a studio or stage with a FCB1010 and a POD X3 PRO is not the
most clumsy thing you can do. You will quickly find a sound that fits in to
the situation.


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