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Date: Saturday, May 19, 2012 - 9:42 pm

Hello everyone!
First I must appologise to all the fellow packet-in.org members, for not
having posted sooner. but there we are.
this year the crew of packet-in.org again took part in the RPM challenge. As
always we were a little pressed for time in the end, so there are a few
pieces, which might have faired even better with more work. This year's team
Kevin Cosgrove - Drums
Drew Roberts - lyrics and spoken word
Frank Pirrone - some lyrics, vocals
Jimmy the Horn - saxophone
Peter Lutek - bassoon
Joy Bausch - guitar and bass
S. Massy - mixing and mastering
me - keys, vocals, on song text
the full album with album art is here:
In the parent directory, you will find the folders with the original
recordings, attributions and lyrics.
For the flac-deficient or those with slow connections, I uploaded MP3
versions of all songs to mysite at:
Also available from the Nama music site:
I hope you all enjoy it. It's a pretty colourful collection, from jazz, to
prog, to pop to the classical. It was a fantastic project, we had lots of fun
and a good mouthful of chaos. :-)
Feedback is always welcome. Don't be too harsh on us, it's just, what we
managed in 29 days. - I have a feeling, that some of the mixes on my site -
the MP3-versions - might be different.
Best wishes
From the packet-in.org

Such Is Life: Very Intensely Adorable;
Free And Jubilating Amazement Revels, Dancing On - FLOWERS!

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